J.D. Warren

A bit more about J.D.

I am a Software Developer

JD Warren is a Ruby on Rails developer and extensive hardware hacker. Prior to joining isotope|eleven, he was a builder focusing on remodeling apartments and rental houses. In his spare time, JD builds robots, electronic circuits, and is a technical writer with work in several online and print publications and a recent book titled "Arduino Robotics".

Recent Blog Posts

Every now and then, I run across a gem that I end up using in nearly every project. As it turns out, several of the recent projects I have worked on have required some form of internal site content search engine. While there may be better options...

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Nathan Stott from Whiteboard IT giving a talk on Node.js:

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Ho-Sheng Hsiao giving the second talk:

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Chris Winslet from MongoHQ, giving a talk on Twilio and Mongo. There are 3 videos in this talk:

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Today I am going to walk through our recent continuous integration Traffic lightnotifier project that we just finished at the office. This project stemmed frommy company's desire to immediately know if a developer has broken a softwareproject, and...

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