TL;DR - This is an application for bidding software projects.

We at Isotope11 built a project to use when creating estimates for our customers. It allows us to rapidly develop quotes for our customers, as well as use post-mortems to make future quotes better. We can export the quotes to PDF, which we send to the customers.

Demo Screenshot

Before we built this app, we were developing quotes in Google Docs. It worked alright, but the display always left something to be desired. We would either give ugly quotes to customers, or we would spend insane amounts of time making them look good. This tool allows us to easily generate good-looking estimates, quickly.


  • Estimate time required to build a software project with line items supporting min and max estimates.
  • Export your quotes to PDF.
  • Clone a quote.
  • Store common line items in Item Templates, to help you easily add them to future quotes as well as to gradually perfect your min/max estimates on those items over time.
  • Sections in a quote can have subsections, and you can add line items to the quote at any nesting level.
  • Sections and subsections sum up their childrens' min/max hours.
  • Export a quote to xrono, and create the project and all subtickets via the xrono API.

This project is on github.. We welcome forks and pull requests. We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions as well - just use github issues.

Josh Adams is a developer and architect with over eleven years of professional experience building production-quality software and managing projects. Josh is isotope|eleven's lead architect, and is responsible for overseeing architectural decisions and translating customer requirements into working software. Josh graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mathematics and Philosophy. He runs the ElixirSips screencast series, teaching hundreds of developers Elixir. He also occasionally provides Technical Review for Apress Publishing, specifically regarding Arduino microprocessors. When he's not working, Josh enjoys spending time with his family.