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How we do it


0 Phase Zero

strategy & layout
Our process starts with Phase Zero, a session that involves a one to two-day, face-to-face client meeting to review the precise features that the project will have at its completion.

1 Wireframe

mockups & user stories
At the same time, we generate mockups and user stories for each page in the application. Doing this in-person with the client at the beginning of each project helps us guarantee that we have a firm, shared vision of the project to move forward.

2 Implement

minimum viable product
From this initial vision, we build the simplest thing that will work, using test-driven development. This allows us to put a working, albeit incomplete, product into the customer’s hands in the earliest feasible timeline.

3 Iterate

hand-in-hand with the customer
At this point, we work alongside the customer to move the application from “a thing that works” to a product they love. Getting this right requires a period of near-constant contact.

4 Ship It

deploy & manage
Now we get the current version of the product out the door and in the hands of the end-users. As soon as users are involved, we can work with the client to not only build the product the client planned, but also the product and experience that their end-users desire.

5 Grow

add features
Web software is a living, breathing creature. Metaphorically, of course. You want to add and refine features to gain customers and keep them happy. We aim to keep a tight feedback loop between shipping software and adding features.