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Isotope11 Is Hiring A Technical Lead For Software Development

We’re looking for someone to take over a lot of the development-and-management related tasks I’ve been doing for the past 10 years, so that I can focus on broader vision bits and on business growth. I’m constantly being sucked back in to do development, because if one of our developers gets stuck someone has to help to keep projects moving along on time and on budget, and I’ve just been the best at that for forever.

We do 50% Ruby, 40% JS (frontend only really), and 10% “other” where the lion’s share of “other” is elixir at present, but might involve rando PHP or Java or Perl or Python or .NET bits and bobs. We did a tiny bit of Erlang wrapping a C library once. Etc.

Around 40-50% time for this position would be billing on “your” project work, and the remainder would be jumping from project to project to help out, helping do code review and make architecture decisions, helping to put out quotes, etc.

In the last year we’ve done Ember, React, Angular, and (forgive us) Dojo JS frontend work, along with a smattering of “rub some jQuery on it.” We are trying to put together a ‘consultant product offering’ that helps companies on the path to Continuous Delivery, providing once-quarterly 2-week sprints to ratchet them closer to that goal, and selling annual contracts for that, but we haven’t really solidified that offering yet. Most of our work takes the form of client work, which is about 50/50 “project work” where we manage the project, greenfield, etc., and “staff augmentation”, where we embed with another development team and basically pick up stories from their sprints, become hired-gun team members, etc.

We’re entirely remote and have been since June of 2014. We have developers in Birmingham, Jacksonville, Cleveland TN, and Mexico at present. Everything is Slack or Google Hangouts or Google Docs or git repos.

We do TDD and are constantly trying to up our game. Sometimes, if sales are slow, we might take on a project with a less-enlightened customer and then it’s kind of a game of doing good work the way we want to and helping them hit some arbitrary deadline. There’s less of that with project work.

Our deployments tend to be Ansible + Packer + Terraform on AWS these days, and we try to get customers to buy in on Continuous Deployment. Either way, they are push-button deployments we run from Jenkins jobs, and if CD buy in happens we kick them off after a test run in Jenkins.

Anyway, this role would really need someone who would be totally comfortable jumping on arbitrary-tech-stack projects and being productive in short order, as well as someone who can make good architectural decisions and pair to help other developers be more effective.

If you’re interested, I’d love to talk further. Just email and we’ll start the conversation.